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Advanced IMS at a low price

With 30 years of experience in our field Thetis is here with one simple mission. We have an ardent passion for making systems that help managing your warehouse(s). The culmination of all our experience and work is Thetis IMS. Thetis IMS helps any warehouse run effectively as never before. It is a great system for anyone who wishes to optimize their warehouse(s). Thetis IMS, however, is not just a great system. It is also a cheap system. And there is a good reason why Thetis IMS can be both good and cheap.

The reason is that we make demands of you. Thetis is not a consulting firm, and we do not sell IT support. We provide Thetis IMS as a core service, and that’s it. It is up to you to implement Thetis IMS and to use it. Helpful manuals can be found on this site, but apart from that we only provide our IMS as a core service.Thetis IMS is available and ready for use. All we ask is that you implement and use it on your own.

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